The Medical Culling of America

 Bill Durst, beloved family man, 42 was injured on the job. Denied surgery that would have given him his life back, the state buried him in medication, knowing it would bankrupt and kill him. Where there’s a murder, there’s a motive.

Perry Marteney, $20,000 in the hole from profitable prescription drugs, read a government website, put a pistol to his head as his doctor watched and prevented it. The doctor then began the research that uncovered the often horrifying reality of our broken medical system chronicled in this book.

Our system has been corrupted and the taint has spread farther than we ever imagined. If you are not among the desirable elite, prepare to take your life into your own hands when you step through the doors of a hospital or urgent care clinic.

The Medical Culling of America proves that our health care systems are now being mismanaged by organized crime figures, corrupt government officials as well as doctors on the take. Think this is too far-fetched? Prepare to have your views shaken.

It’s no longer just money that’s the bottom line. You have become the bottom line.

Ever wonder why patient death rates have skyrocketed? Curious as to why so many people are placed on “pain management” only to die in the grips of agony? Burke has uncovered the shocking reality and proves the real reason behind this shift in health care.

They don’t want you to get well. The Hippocratic oath no longer applies. (See
“Obamacare” chief Dr. Zeke Emanuel’s essays in JAMA, Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine, 2008-2009. Dr. Emanuel is an avowed “communitarian” and the brother of longtime Chicago political expediter Mayor Rahm Emanuel). These fraudulent officials want one thing from you – your organs.

Bio-ethicists have crossed the line, giving doctors a feel-good reason behind the need to cull the undesirable. The elite want to survive no matter what, and they are willing to pay whatever it takes to ensure their longevity. They don’t care about your family. They don’t care about your life and your pursuit of happiness. You are now among the undesirable.

Have a bad back? Got hurt on the job? Prepare to be kept in a state of suspension, drugged on today’s latest pharmaceuticals that are designed to end your life quickly, while leaving your organs ripe for harvesting.

The new reality is here. The facts have been shown. The future may bright for the elite, but the rest of us can look forward to unnaturally shortened life spans and betrayal from those whom we trusted.

Alex Burke is an award-winning journalist writing under an assumed name. Burke and those involved have been threatened while researching and documenting this issue.

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Review by Scott on March 4, 2013 – 5 Stars

The insight into the medical/workers comp system in this book is shocking. The book is well written and not only mentions real injured workers and case managers, but also calls out the poor ethics the BWC system is “running” on. The book names names and seems to pull no punches. I happen to personally know one of the vocation rehabilitation case workers named in the book and the fight this caseworker puts fourth to care for her clients is truly inspirational.

Obamacare is said to be loosely based on the workers comp system, if that is the case perhaps we should all drink the kool-aid now.