Book Reviews

Review by: Shelma Bockey on June 11, 2012

This book is the best read ever! It’s full of facts and a very true description of life on workers comp. and how injured workers are treated. It is very scary to see how little the injured worker is cared for. I am on workers comp. and this is exactly how I have been treated. I was in tears by page 4, knowing they are waiting for me to die or to commit suicide, just because they value their money more, much more than a human life. Keep up the great work.

Review by Scott on March 4, 2013 – 5 Stars

The insight into the medical/workers comp system in this book is shocking. The book is well written and not only mentions real injured workers and case managers, but also calls out the poor ethics the BWC system is “running” on. The book names names and seems to pull no punches. I happen to personally know one of the vocation rehabilitation case workers named in the book and the fight this caseworker puts fourth to care for her clients is truly inspirational.

Obamacare is said to be loosely based on the workers comp system, if that is the case perhaps we should all drink the kool-aid now.