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Latest Review for The Medical Culling of America

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Review by Scott on March 4, 2013 – 5 Stars

The insight into the medical/workers comp system in this book is shocking. The book is well written and not only mentions real injured workers and case managers, but also calls out the poor ethics the BWC system is “running” on. The book names names and seems to pull no punches. I happen to personally know one of the vocation rehabilitation case workers named in the book and the fight this caseworker puts fourth to care for her clients is truly inspirational.

Obamacare is said to be loosely based on the workers comp system, if that is the case perhaps we should all drink the kool-aid now.

Dr. Mengele Will See You Now

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

After watching nearly a hundred hours of undercover footage of corrupt doctors giving fraudulent medical exams, a pattern of the doctors’ personalities and approaches began to emerge. Some were outright belligerent and confrontational towards the clients sent to them for medical reviews. They were aggressive at the outset. Naturally, the patients were on edge and also on the defensive because the outcome of the bogus exams would determine if they would get their benefits and continue their treatment plans with their own physicians.

The hostile doctors were rough, and cursory in their examinations and in some cases, performed no examinations, barely seeing their patients for less than 45 seconds. Yet, those doctors billed the State of Ohio for a much lengthier exam. Further, the records clearly show that those doctors did not do the exams they had purported to perform. The submitted records show works of fiction rather than objective medical observation. In fact, it could be said that the doctors had a predetermined mindset that the people sent to them for review would miraculously have “nothing wrong” with them, when that was far from the truth.

Another kind of doctor in this unethical, but lucrative practice is the “used car salesperson” personality oozing charm all over the person to be examined. However, the perfunctory exams they performed looked like a child – playing doctor – and bore no resemblance to standard tests. Wrong meters were used, if used at all in the measuring of range of motion. Some doctors didn’t even use a mallet in testing reflexes.

Records again show that these charming “doctors” falsified their reports, stating that they had done a myriad of exams, which they hadn’t. They changed answers provided by the injured worker and in many cases, omitted them from the file.

Why do I bring this up?

A State of Ohio entity has begun to profile doctors to ensure that in the case of injured workers, the results will be the same as mentioned above — a flat out denial of benefits and care. After all, it takes quite a sadistic and contemptible doctor to intentionally inflict pain on a patient, falsify records and bilk insurance companies for all they can.

Still, that’s what the State is looking for all in the guise of keeping costs down even though billions of dollars end up in the pockets of doctors and politicians. It’s one of the few businesses doing well in this deep recession.

With the new Obamacare on the horizon, we will see doctors throughout the country being profiled because the government wants to contain costs and in the end eliminate a certain number of people. The culling will increase if we don’t stop this nonsense. When doctors are sought out that bear a strong resemblance to Mengele, it’s clear to see where our medical care will end up.

How long we will remain silent? Good doctors are leaving medicine due to the enormous constraints and mandated treatment plans that will soon be put into effect. Instead of the doctors making the decisions, bureaucrats, techies and accountants will decide who gets what care, if any. They will decide who lives and who dies, and records indicate, the majority of us are targeted for death.

Profiling all over the country will begin in earnest to find doctors who worship money and not the healing of sick. The Hippocratic oath was abandoned years ago for a more eugenic “oath” that gives doctors the right to kill. That should have warned us then, but we didn’t listen. We can’t believe that some doctors would be part of this.

It’s a whole new reality. Let’s just hope we all stay well.

Designed Behavioral Changes

Friday, July 27th, 2012

With the recent shooting in Colorado, there has been a great deal of discussion about the drugs James Holmes allegedly was on at the time of the shooting, who prescribed them and if he was being monitored on those drugs for any problems.

We have to go back in history to fully understand how we got to this point in society where psychotropic drugs are handed out with ease and troubling regularity and why. My research for The Medical Culling of America pulled up some disturbing facts about a group of psychiatrists who met in the 1960’s for the expressed purpose of controlling the population through medication. Their goal was to have the behavior of the population controlled exclusively by them through the heavy use of medication and to achieve their goal by the late 1990’s. While they haven’t quite accomplished their goal, they have made dramatic inroads in the medicating and stupefying of Americans. Look at the inordinate jump in the number of people who ran for prescriptions immediately following 9/11 feeling it necessary to be tranquilized from a reality, which in fact was suspect. That one incident alone brought billions into Big Pharma and the shrinks and doctors that pimped for them.

In order to accomplish their goal, psychiatrists began to create mental disorders by basically pulling them out of a hat. The DSM manuals grew significantly during this period and each year new “maladies” are added at an alarming rate.

It didn’t matter if these disorders didn’t really exist. What mattered was having a diagnosis for which they could prescribe heavy-duty medication and manipulate people’s behavior, all the while receiving kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies. Charles Manson was one of the first, and we know how that turned out.

In the last fifty years, if we look at mass murders in this country, many of the perpetrators were on drugs at the time of the killings. Coincidence?

James Holmes allegedly has no recollection about the killings. No one actually saw him shoot anyone. He was found by his car in a stupor and allegedly confessed to them. The police are suspiciously not paying attention to eyewitnesses who saw more than one shooter and ignoring other critical evidence that would suggest this horrific shooting might just be a Psy-Op.

In court, Holmes still looks medicated. Surely, what he had taken would have worn off by now. If he is medicated, someone has to be supplying him. Why? Are they afraid he’ll achieve a lucid moment and start talking?

Those questions will probably go unanswered no doubt out of necessity to cover up the real facts in the case.

While Americans want to put this behind them, there are those that are already taking advantage of the situation such as the TSA. They’re setting up road stops, and are now on duty at bus terminals, train stations and undoubtedly will start frisking and groping people at movie theaters, malls and supermarkets.

It’s up to us to wake up and realize that things are not always as they seem, that we are being manipulated not only through drugs, but also television, and movies. If we think the shootings in Colorado were an isolated event, we’re sadly mistaken.

Remember, the whole idea behind the takeover is to control us completely. One way or another, through drugs, fear or whatever, the water has been turned up slowly on We the Frogs, formally We the People, and before long, we’ll be done.






Mortal Remains of the Day

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

For the past several years, I’ve been researching the breakdown in US medical care. When Dr. Nichols contacted me about investigating the thousands of deaths in Ohio, I found something much bigger, something beyond oversight and medical malpractice.

During my investigation, it became critically apparent that many of the patients that were abused, and those that were killed were organ donors. The trail led to politicians, organized crime, funeral homes and companies that specialize in selling human tissue, bones, organs, tendons and so on. Perhaps the best term would be human rendering facilities.

For those participating in the culling, they were richly rewarded with billions of dollars, while grieving family members were left without enough money to pay their mortgage or to buy food. People have a hard time grasping the significant and malevolent characteristics of Obamacare. With the Supreme Court imprimatur and without a repeal, we will see human rendering plants on steroids.

The goal, as I discussed in my book, is to remove 80% to 90% of the world population. Ever since contraception kicked in over fifty years ago, populations have declined dramatically.

There is a flaw in their plan. As the population dwindles, who will pay the taxes, support commerce and do the farming to feed the world?

Nevertheless, the research results have been clear. Most of the human race is viewed as expendable. By our ignorance of what is truly going on, by our silence, we’ve allowed the powerful to work against us and they’re doing it in great haste.

For some reason, we’re not responding in horror. For some reason, we’re letting the elite get away with this. The time for voicing our objections is running out.

There is coming a time quite quickly that we will be even more defenseless as the UN makes it illegal to own guns of any kind. Obama has every intention of helping the UN by utilizing a 1961 State Department document that will ensure that any resistance will be eliminated. Even Forbes Magazine is reporting on the serious nature of the confiscation. Without means of resistance, imagine just how swiftly we can be wiped out.

Hopefully, we will awaken to the new reality while there is still time. Hopefully, people will not die needlessly while the rest of us are preoccupied with things that, in the end, won’t matter.

Pols and Bankers Practicing Medicine

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

A business owner, soccer coach and athlete, who had a very nice home and lived a comfortable life had no idea that tripping over a doorstop at work would be the first step on the way to living in a shed, with little water and heat. What caused the sudden financial collapse?

Diane Ferro would tell you that it was getting injured and ending up in the despicable healthcare system. She never counted on the fact that in today’s world, her care would be substandard and vicious. Having to sell plasma to eat never entered her mind until she was forced into that position.

How could a relatively simple injury turn into a catastrophe so quickly? The answer is simple. When politicians and bankers run healthcare as they do in Ohio, and will soon rule over the rest of US healthcare, patients are treated worse than animals in many cases. It’s always the bottom-line with politicians, and bankers – - their bottom-line, not ours.

In a prophetic glimpse of our new healthcare, Diane Ferro ended up crippled, unable to coach her soccer team, unable to exercise and unable to work. Caught in a bureaucratic nightmare, she was nearly red-taped to death, medicated beyond belief and pushed into absolute destitution for the sake of the almighty dollar.

She was encouraged to take rehabilitation training for a new position, a sedentary one to compensate for her botched surgeries. At nearly 60, Diane found society very hostile to her and had trouble trying to regain her life. Forced into a work-training situation with her managed care provider, she found it impossible to pay for the gas to get to her on the job training because she didn’t receive any salary from the company, just $48 every two weeks from the Rehab firm.

No one, no matter how frugal can live on that, as Diane could attest. Did anyone care? Kathy Trumm, an independent case-worker took interest in Diane, bought her groceries and tried to get her back to work. However, her injuries limited the prospects.

Naturally, depression set in and the chronic pain took its toll. Being refused treatment by her doctor, she told him she might as well run her car into something and be done with it if he wasn’t going to help her. Did he help her?

Diane just walked in her home when suddenly cops surrounded the place and took her into custody because the doctor thought she was suicidal. When interviewed at the hospital, she said she didn’t want to kill herself, but was frustrated because of the pain and lack of medical care. She said she would never kill herself and do that to her family.

Others are not as strong as Diane, who eventually pulled herself out of the abyss. Unfortunately, many more people will be faced with historically lousy and lethal medical care in the near future, a prospect that would daunt even the strongest. We have no idea what is dead ahead.

However, we can do something about it. A peaceful revolution is required to turn the new healthcare away from its culling tendencies and return compassion and true healing to medicine.







We Should be Outraged

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

On the surface, it would seem that the Supreme Court decision to uphold Obamacare was a remote possibility. Unfortunately, it’s not. Instead, they chose in favor of the bankers who will now decide our health care options. Will we be in the right group to get care or will we put down like dogs, like Bill Gates has suggested?

With this decision, our rights have been further limited and are on the way out entirely. The proof of that claim already exists.

The medical trial that proves lethal intent on the part of government and some medical providers  has been already be in place in states like Ohio, where death is dealt to patients for no other reason than they have reached the end of their financial expediency.  Once that has been depleted, they end up dead like Bill Durst, a man with his whole life ahead of him. Please see The Medical Culling of America.

This book has  gone through three years of war on its way to publication. There are several entities that have tried to stop it. Why if it’s only about a doctor and patients in Ohio? That’s just it. It’s not. It’s about you, and me. It’s about our families and how and if they’re going to get health care. It’s about life and death. Don’t you want to know the people behind this evil?

Those in control that don’t want anyone to know about them and what’s really going on. But the story has to be told. If it isn’t, we’re all in grave danger. Ignorance in this case is not bliss.  It’s deadly.

Dr. Nichols has been blackballed, his fees unpaid by the bureaucracy because he blew the whistle. He has children to support, office personnel to pay and patients to treat. He can’t because he told the truth. Dr. Nichols wants everyone to be able to receive the best care and to lead healthy lives. However, the president and the people with the power behind him want nothing of the kind.

The people in control want Dr. Nichols dead. Any other person in their way is on the hit list as well. Please won’t you stand with Dr. Nichols? Please get the word out about The Medical Culling of America today! We only have today. Tomorrow is not a given.


Greater Good or Greater Evil?

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

We are reaching an all-time low in this country and a renegade president and power-hungry politicians have accomplished it. This used to be a nation where people pulled together and helped one another out whether in personal, national or global crises. Neighbors used to raise barns for their neighbors and not expect anything in return. Whatever the problem, neighbors, families and quite often total strangers would come together and correct a serious situation. It was doing something for the greater good, not just for a select person or group, but also for mankind in general.

The greater good has sadly taken an odious turn. It has become the Madison Avenue catch phrase for a select group of people to do heinous things and make it appear to be something benevolent. Immediately, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s attempt at polio vaccinations should leap out at us.

Of course, since the people that were paralyzed weren’t Americans, many of us looked the other way. After all, it happened in India and why should we care?

We should and that’s the problem. We’ve become so accustomed to looking the other way that we have failed to realize that the elites’ so-called plan for the greater good is affecting our lives as well.

We’re losing our rights and privacy incrementally. People are viewed as expendable. Yes, you and I are expendable too.

All we need do to see that our values and morals have changed is to look at the fact that in many major cities, it is now illegal to feed the homeless.

Why are we turning a blind eye to this? Are our bellies so full that we have lost sight of those less fortunate? Worse, why have we allowed two-bit politicians dictate to us what we can do to help people in our own community?

For some reason, this uncharitable and immoral virus has taken hold all across the country. We’ve let it happen.

What we fail to grasp is that we are one catastrophe away from being homeless as well. Who will feed us? Who will house us? If it’s illegal for the average citizen to chip in and help, then we can clearly see that there is another solution, one designed by our not so altruistic government.

Detention centers are ready for business and if you think this is a crazy conspiracy theory, think again. Just do the research and you’ll see where we are headed, if we don’t stand up and do something to stop this downward spiral into madness.

I know people don’t like to think about things that scare them. They’d rather get lost in countless mundane things to avoid it, and that’s exactly what the people in control are counting on.

Fortunately, some people are fighting back and risking jail to ensure that the homeless are fed. However, unless the rest of us raise our voices and demand some significant changes in leadership, in integrity and accountability, we will eventually be loaded up and sent to those unwelcoming camps for the greater good.



Deadly Distractions

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

With the Wisconsin recall and the latest news about Ron and Rand Paul, many of us have had our attention pulled away from critical issues. In our passion for politics, and in our fervor for particular pet social concerns, we fail to see the fact that many of these things are all interconnected and are scripted much more than we realize. Most people would be shocked if they knew the pivotal connections that are in place. That’s where the difficulty, the treachery lies.


Frightening Stats

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

I received an email yesterday from Kathy Trumm, the Case Manager at KorCare and at IARP in Canton, Ohio. Kathy’s predicament in dealing with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation or BWC in Ohio  has been documented in my new book, The Medical Culling of America. Her clients hold her in the greatest esteem for her extraordinary efforts in helping them with their medical problems and getting back to work following job related injuries. She has gone well beyond her duties as a case manager and performed heroic measures in helping her clients, even buying them food when they couldn’t afford it. Kathy has had serious repercussions for her efforts. Even her bank account was drained of funds mysteriously.

In her email, Kathy shared a comment from a wife of an OB/GYN doctor. She had read part of my book before writing Kathy with her comments. They are pasted below:


A very interesting and appalling read so far….I am in the process of ordering as I write…read some of this to John [her husband]…he  was disgusted and agrees that this is a serious problem…Matt, stepson, at in dire need of knee surgery…that will never happen as long as  he is in prison.
It is bone against bone in his knee…he was put in the  hole for 30 days because of his severe pain, he obtained some  Ultram….since his 30 days almost a year ago…they finally prescribed him  some for his chronic pain…
This is a pervasive problem as I need not  tell you as you are in the midst of this scandal right now….but quite  honestly,  I do not believe that it starts and ends with BWC….I truly  believe it is the trend in medicine overall….
Thanks for sharing  this…Sheila”

Thanks to both Kathy and Sheila. Sadly, the mistreatment of patients is becoming so pervasive that is causing thousands of deaths per year.  What is even sadder is that in many cases, this mistreatment is intentional. Medical misdiagnosis in this country has hit about 50%, an alarming stat for anyone in need of medical care. Worse, my research has shown that doctors are deliberately misdiagnosing patients and getting paid to do it, as is the case of doctors dealing with the BWC.

I’ve documented numerous cases in my book in hopes of awakening Americans to this growing problem. I believe there is a much broader problem that started in the early 1900′s with a heinous plan, of which many people are unaware.

An in-depth analysis of this critical problem will be the topic of many blogs in the near future. I encourage you to share your stories here in an effort to get the word out to as many people as possible.

It is important to note that these findings are pre-Obamacare. Should that program go forward, the culling will be much more widespread. We deserve the best medical care we can get.