Deadly Distractions

With the Wisconsin recall and the latest news about Ron and Rand Paul, many of us have had our attention pulled away from critical issues. In our passion for politics, and in our fervor for particular pet social concerns, we fail to see the fact that many of these things are all interconnected and are scripted much more than we realize. Most people would be shocked if they knew the pivotal connections that are in place. That’s where the difficulty, the treachery lies.

We have allowed ourselves to be distracted and outright misled partly because we have forgotten that we have free will and should be the masters of our own fate. Many people still believe they exert control over their own destinies. Yet, that is only true only in part. We are being deceived and we’re allowing it to happen.

Through decades of conditioning, we have been lured into  complacency that practically ensures that the people responsible for taking over world governments, banks and the private sector can easily throw us into a cataclysmic end game without notice, without our consent.

In the past three years, Americans’ wealth has dropped 40%, no small amount.

That’s just for starters. The Bilderberg masters won’t be satisfied until America is reduced to Third World status. They have picked presidents, premiers and leaders all over the world that will do their bidding to bring about the kind of world they want. While they gather the world’s wealth, stripping us of our rights, and preparing to reduce the world population by 80%, we are caught up in the political machinations of this country shamelessly unaware that the whole thing is fixed.

The labor unions sold out and their constituency with them to the Bilderbergs as as early as the late 1960′s. So all this posturing, all the heated rhetoric about Wisconsin, and other flash points, only serves as a deadly distraction or diversion in a game where the outcome has been designed.

From our health care to our politics and everything in between, we are seeing the final push to drive this country into the ground. The Bilderbergs have to take this country down to implement the final stages of their plan for world domination. They’re doing a remarkable job.

They’re killing us with medicine, tainting our water and keeping us so preoccupied that we are missing the road signs that America is being pushed to the twilight of its existence.

Yet, it doesn’t have to remain so…if we hurry. If we demand change, real change and take this country back, we might awaken the rest of the world to do the same. If we think our government, the UN and the players involved care about our well-being, we are sadly mistaken.

We can continue to go along just as we are. We can be lied to and not care. Heck, we can even continue lying to ourselves, but in the end, we’ll walk right into the enormous mass grave that has been dug for those who are unacceptable to the so-called elite.

Yes, political activism is important, but nothing will change until we’re sure our votes actually count, that we’re voting for someone who is not tied to the plans for our destruction.

After researching this issue for the past twenty years, it has become blatantly apparent that unless we reverse our course, unless we live the principles set down by our forefathers, our lives or what is left of them will be most difficult.



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