Designed Behavioral Changes

With the recent shooting in Colorado, there has been a great deal of discussion about the drugs James Holmes allegedly was on at the time of the shooting, who prescribed them and if he was being monitored on those drugs for any problems.

We have to go back in history to fully understand how we got to this point in society where psychotropic drugs are handed out with ease and troubling regularity and why. My research for The Medical Culling of America pulled up some disturbing facts about a group of psychiatrists who met in the 1960’s for the expressed purpose of controlling the population through medication. Their goal was to have the behavior of the population controlled exclusively by them through the heavy use of medication and to achieve their goal by the late 1990’s. While they haven’t quite accomplished their goal, they have made dramatic inroads in the medicating and stupefying of Americans. Look at the inordinate jump in the number of people who ran for prescriptions immediately following 9/11 feeling it necessary to be tranquilized from a reality, which in fact was suspect. That one incident alone brought billions into Big Pharma and the shrinks and doctors that pimped for them.

In order to accomplish their goal, psychiatrists began to create mental disorders by basically pulling them out of a hat. The DSM manuals grew significantly during this period and each year new “maladies” are added at an alarming rate.

It didn’t matter if these disorders didn’t really exist. What mattered was having a diagnosis for which they could prescribe heavy-duty medication and manipulate people’s behavior, all the while receiving kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies. Charles Manson was one of the first, and we know how that turned out.

In the last fifty years, if we look at mass murders in this country, many of the perpetrators were on drugs at the time of the killings. Coincidence?

James Holmes allegedly has no recollection about the killings. No one actually saw him shoot anyone. He was found by his car in a stupor and allegedly confessed to them. The police are suspiciously not paying attention to eyewitnesses who saw more than one shooter and ignoring other critical evidence that would suggest this horrific shooting might just be a Psy-Op.

In court, Holmes still looks medicated. Surely, what he had taken would have worn off by now. If he is medicated, someone has to be supplying him. Why? Are they afraid he’ll achieve a lucid moment and start talking?

Those questions will probably go unanswered no doubt out of necessity to cover up the real facts in the case.

While Americans want to put this behind them, there are those that are already taking advantage of the situation such as the TSA. They’re setting up road stops, and are now on duty at bus terminals, train stations and undoubtedly will start frisking and groping people at movie theaters, malls and supermarkets.

It’s up to us to wake up and realize that things are not always as they seem, that we are being manipulated not only through drugs, but also television, and movies. If we think the shootings in Colorado were an isolated event, we’re sadly mistaken.

Remember, the whole idea behind the takeover is to control us completely. One way or another, through drugs, fear or whatever, the water has been turned up slowly on We the Frogs, formally We the People, and before long, we’ll be done.






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