Greater Good or Greater Evil?

We are reaching an all-time low in this country and a renegade president and power-hungry politicians have accomplished it. This used to be a nation where people pulled together and helped one another out whether in personal, national or global crises. Neighbors used to raise barns for their neighbors and not expect anything in return. Whatever the problem, neighbors, families and quite often total strangers would come together and correct a serious situation. It was doing something for the greater good, not just for a select person or group, but also for mankind in general.

The greater good has sadly taken an odious turn. It has become the Madison Avenue catch phrase for a select group of people to do heinous things and make it appear to be something benevolent. Immediately, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s attempt at polio vaccinations should leap out at us.

Of course, since the people that were paralyzed weren’t Americans, many of us looked the other way. After all, it happened in India and why should we care?

We should and that’s the problem. We’ve become so accustomed to looking the other way that we have failed to realize that the elites’ so-called plan for the greater good is affecting our lives as well.

We’re losing our rights and privacy incrementally. People are viewed as expendable. Yes, you and I are expendable too.

All we need do to see that our values and morals have changed is to look at the fact that in many major cities, it is now illegal to feed the homeless.

Why are we turning a blind eye to this? Are our bellies so full that we have lost sight of those less fortunate? Worse, why have we allowed two-bit politicians dictate to us what we can do to help people in our own community?

For some reason, this uncharitable and immoral virus has taken hold all across the country. We’ve let it happen.

What we fail to grasp is that we are one catastrophe away from being homeless as well. Who will feed us? Who will house us? If it’s illegal for the average citizen to chip in and help, then we can clearly see that there is another solution, one designed by our not so altruistic government.

Detention centers are ready for business and if you think this is a crazy conspiracy theory, think again. Just do the research and you’ll see where we are headed, if we don’t stand up and do something to stop this downward spiral into madness.

I know people don’t like to think about things that scare them. They’d rather get lost in countless mundane things to avoid it, and that’s exactly what the people in control are counting on.

Fortunately, some people are fighting back and risking jail to ensure that the homeless are fed. However, unless the rest of us raise our voices and demand some significant changes in leadership, in integrity and accountability, we will eventually be loaded up and sent to those unwelcoming camps for the greater good.



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