Pols and Bankers Practicing Medicine

A business owner, soccer coach and athlete, who had a very nice home and lived a comfortable life had no idea that tripping over a doorstop at work would be the first step on the way to living in a shed, with little water and heat. What caused the sudden financial collapse?

Diane Ferro would tell you that it was getting injured and ending up in the despicable healthcare system. She never counted on the fact that in today’s world, her care would be substandard and vicious. Having to sell plasma to eat never entered her mind until she was forced into that position.

How could a relatively simple injury turn into a catastrophe so quickly? The answer is simple. When politicians and bankers run healthcare as they do in Ohio, and will soon rule over the rest of US healthcare, patients are treated worse than animals in many cases. It’s always the bottom-line with politicians, and bankers – - their bottom-line, not ours.

In a prophetic glimpse of our new healthcare, Diane Ferro ended up crippled, unable to coach her soccer team, unable to exercise and unable to work. Caught in a bureaucratic nightmare, she was nearly red-taped to death, medicated beyond belief and pushed into absolute destitution for the sake of the almighty dollar.

She was encouraged to take rehabilitation training for a new position, a sedentary one to compensate for her botched surgeries. At nearly 60, Diane found society very hostile to her and had trouble trying to regain her life. Forced into a work-training situation with her managed care provider, she found it impossible to pay for the gas to get to her on the job training because she didn’t receive any salary from the company, just $48 every two weeks from the Rehab firm.

No one, no matter how frugal can live on that, as Diane could attest. Did anyone care? Kathy Trumm, an independent case-worker took interest in Diane, bought her groceries and tried to get her back to work. However, her injuries limited the prospects.

Naturally, depression set in and the chronic pain took its toll. Being refused treatment by her doctor, she told him she might as well run her car into something and be done with it if he wasn’t going to help her. Did he help her?

Diane just walked in her home when suddenly cops surrounded the place and took her into custody because the doctor thought she was suicidal. When interviewed at the hospital, she said she didn’t want to kill herself, but was frustrated because of the pain and lack of medical care. She said she would never kill herself and do that to her family.

Others are not as strong as Diane, who eventually pulled herself out of the abyss. Unfortunately, many more people will be faced with historically lousy and lethal medical care in the near future, a prospect that would daunt even the strongest. We have no idea what is dead ahead.

However, we can do something about it. A peaceful revolution is required to turn the new healthcare away from its culling tendencies and return compassion and true healing to medicine.







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