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Frightening Stats

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

I received an email yesterday from Kathy Trumm, the Case Manager at KorCare and at IARP in Canton, Ohio. Kathy’s predicament in dealing with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation or BWC in Ohio  has been documented in my new book, The Medical Culling of America. Her clients hold her in the greatest esteem for her extraordinary efforts in helping them with their medical problems and getting back to work following job related injuries. She has gone well beyond her duties as a case manager and performed heroic measures in helping her clients, even buying them food when they couldn’t afford it. Kathy has had serious repercussions for her efforts. Even her bank account was drained of funds mysteriously.

In her email, Kathy shared a comment from a wife of an OB/GYN doctor. She had read part of my book before writing Kathy with her comments. They are pasted below:


A very interesting and appalling read so far….I am in the process of ordering as I write…read some of this to John [her husband]…he  was disgusted and agrees that this is a serious problem…Matt, stepson, at in dire need of knee surgery…that will never happen as long as  he is in prison.
It is bone against bone in his knee…he was put in the  hole for 30 days because of his severe pain, he obtained some  Ultram….since his 30 days almost a year ago…they finally prescribed him  some for his chronic pain…
This is a pervasive problem as I need not  tell you as you are in the midst of this scandal right now….but quite  honestly,  I do not believe that it starts and ends with BWC….I truly  believe it is the trend in medicine overall….
Thanks for sharing  this…Sheila”

Thanks to both Kathy and Sheila. Sadly, the mistreatment of patients is becoming so pervasive that is causing thousands of deaths per year.  What is even sadder is that in many cases, this mistreatment is intentional. Medical misdiagnosis in this country has hit about 50%, an alarming stat for anyone in need of medical care. Worse, my research has shown that doctors are deliberately misdiagnosing patients and getting paid to do it, as is the case of doctors dealing with the BWC.

I’ve documented numerous cases in my book in hopes of awakening Americans to this growing problem. I believe there is a much broader problem that started in the early 1900′s with a heinous plan, of which many people are unaware.

An in-depth analysis of this critical problem will be the topic of many blogs in the near future. I encourage you to share your stories here in an effort to get the word out to as many people as possible.

It is important to note that these findings are pre-Obamacare. Should that program go forward, the culling will be much more widespread. We deserve the best medical care we can get.