We Should be Outraged

On the surface, it would seem that the Supreme Court decision to uphold Obamacare was a remote possibility. Unfortunately, it’s not. Instead, they chose in favor of the bankers who will now decide our health care options. Will we be in the right group to get care or will we put down like dogs, like Bill Gates has suggested?

With this decision, our rights have been further limited and are on the way out entirely. The proof of that claim already exists.

The medical trial that proves lethal intent on the part of government and some medical providers  has been already be in place in states like Ohio, where death is dealt to patients for no other reason than they have reached the end of their financial expediency.  Once that has been depleted, they end up dead like Bill Durst, a man with his whole life ahead of him. Please see The Medical Culling of America.

This book has  gone through three years of war on its way to publication. There are several entities that have tried to stop it. Why if it’s only about a doctor and patients in Ohio? That’s just it. It’s not. It’s about you, and me. It’s about our families and how and if they’re going to get health care. It’s about life and death. Don’t you want to know the people behind this evil?

Those in control that don’t want anyone to know about them and what’s really going on. But the story has to be told. If it isn’t, we’re all in grave danger. Ignorance in this case is not bliss.  It’s deadly.

Dr. Nichols has been blackballed, his fees unpaid by the bureaucracy because he blew the whistle. He has children to support, office personnel to pay and patients to treat. He can’t because he told the truth. Dr. Nichols wants everyone to be able to receive the best care and to lead healthy lives. However, the president and the people with the power behind him want nothing of the kind.

The people in control want Dr. Nichols dead. Any other person in their way is on the hit list as well. Please won’t you stand with Dr. Nichols? Please get the word out about The Medical Culling of America today! We only have today. Tomorrow is not a given.


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One Response to “We Should be Outraged”

  1. Tom Dark says:

    Few people have read the 2,500-page “Obamacare” monstrosity. I read as much as I could. I stopped at “Medicorps,” a student loan scheme where anybody, with a little training, can join an army where they get to pill masses of people to death. Recent news from a NHS whistleblower in the UK saying 130,000 old folks are pilled to death annually suggests this is no exaggeration.

    A few years ago I ran across the chilling AMA statement, published in 2003, that 225,000 Americans were killed every year by their prescription pills. All were taken according to directions; 100,000 dead had been improperly diagnosed, 125,000 had been properly diagnosed. In other words, had the patients not taken those pills, all of them would be alive. What kind of pills was not mentioned in the article, which was now five years old.

    Not long afterward, my 84 year old mother-in-law began calling us daily. She was terribly depressed, weeping and crying throughout the day. She had serious memory loss and dizzy spells. She had no appetite. She lived alone and could barely navigate her house or take care of her dog. Of course, she kept worrying about dying.

    We had her look at her prescription blood-pressure pill bottle label. She had every side-effect listed on the label in tiny print. It would have been a matter of time before those pills killed her one way or another. She stopped taking them. She’s been fine ever since and has even been entertaining menfriends. She’ll go when she’s ready, not when the physician’s prescription pills say so.

    Not long after that, Jim, our hay-delivery man, reappeared after a long absence. Jim makes his living loading, delivering and stacking at least 100 bales of hay per delivery. This time we had 200 bales to stack in our barn. While doing that, Jim explained that he’d been unable to move his arms for weeks and was only marginally able to walk. His doctor had given him a prescription for “gout.” After some weeks of barely being able to move around, on crutches, he complained to his druggist. The druggist told him to stop taking the pills. Jim quit the pills and has been fine ever since, four years later.

    At the same time, I had a coffee-shop pal, down the road in old Madrid, named Pete, who was somewhere in his late sixties. Pete too had been prescribed pills for gout. However, he was feeling worse, not better, and now his doctor told him it would be necessary to amputate one of his legs for it. Pete too quit the pills and, last I saw of him, he was in the annual Madrid Independence Day parade, as usual.

    Amidst all this arrived a manuscript from a reporter named Alex Burke. Alex was using a pen-name in the hopes of avoiding the harassment and threats that the researcher, a chiropractor who worked for the Ohio Workmen’s Compensation Bureau, had received. Alex had otherwise won a People’s Choice award and had a best seller. The manuscript was based on hundreds of hours of video tapes and thousands of documents. None of it was speculation.

    I had a conversation with an old friend who worked for California Workmens’ Compensation and Social Security disability for years. She confirmed it with her experience, hands down. People get killed by pills through these and many other programs, she said, because nobody cares.

    As it turns out, it’s profitable to kill people with prescription drugs. The expense is far lower than providing an operation for a fractured bone or any of a myriad of common workplace mishaps that are supposed to be covered by Workmen’s Compensation in a given state. In addition, despite government help, the patients can also be bankrupted paying for the pills that will kill them. The savings go right to private bankers which also have interested partners in organized crime.

    Dr. Robert Nichols, the partner who did the exhaustive, thorough research for this book has been harassed frequently. He’s found his office trashed, files rifled through, more than once. He’s had “mysterious” financial errors and other intimidating mishaps. He’s not getting paid for his work helping hundreds of patients through the state. For that reason the publicizing of this information – which could be quite urgent for more than a few now undergoing the pill-kill treatment through Workmens’ Compensation bureaus, and soon, Obamacare, across the country – would also serve as the only protection he’s going to get for his effort.